Konica AR Lenses DSC07312 web

A bunch of nice Konica AR lenses - on the left side the earlier versions with metal focusing grip, in the center some nice primes with rubber focusing grip, and on the right side a few classical Konica Hexanon zooms.


Most Konica AR lenses − especally the primes − still are pretty much underrated. Most Konica AR lenses are much slower than the superfast Canon nFD lenses, and still considerably slower than corresponding Nikon or even Minolta lenses. They are a bit awkward to use, maybe even cumbersome, but they are rugged, reliable, and often as sharp as their more famous CaNikon counterparts.

The barrels are rugged and feel solid. Compared to contemporary Minolta MC prime lenses, focusing is a bit stiff, and the aperture ring is quite difficult to turn. Most computations are on par with the contemporary Canon / Nikon / Minolta lenses, but some lenses from the mid-1960s were never updated and thus fall short when compared to newer (1980s) MF lenses from CaMiNikon.

Nevertheless many Konica lenses are collectible, and some have become surprisingly expensive: AR 2.8/15mm Fisheye, AR 2.8/21mm, AR 1.8/28mm, AR 1.2/57mm, AR 6.3/300mm Fluorite and AR 5.6/400mm − you name it. Others remain relatively cheap while performing impeccably. The AR 3.5/28mm comes to my mind, the AR 1.7/50mm of course, but also the AR 2.8/100mm and both the AR 2.5/135mm as well as the AR 3.2/135mm.

More information about all these lenses can be found via the links below. Enjoy!