The Konica AR lens lineup is not as comprehensive as the Nikon Ai/AiS, Canon FD or Minolta MD lineup. There are (almost) no superfast lenses, and no really fast tele lenses. Most Konica AR lenses − especally some readily available primes − still are pretty much underrated. In the links below you can find reliable infromation on more than 50 Konica AR lenses.


Konica AR Lenses DSC07312 web

A bunch of nice Konica AR lenses - on the left side the earlier versions with metal focusing grip, in the center some nice primes with rubber focusing grip, and on the right side a few classical Konica Hexanon zooms.


Most Konica AR lens barrels are completely made from metal. They are rugged and feel solid. Compared to contemporary Minolta MC prime lenses, focusing is a bit stiff, and the aperture ring is quite difficult to turn. Most computations are on par with the contemporary Canon / Nikon / Minolta lenses, but some lenses originally computed in the the mid-1960s were never updated and thus fall short when compared to newer (1980s) MF lenses from CaMiNikon.

Nevertheless many Konica lenses are collectible, and some have become surprisingly expensive: AR 2.8/15mm Fisheye, AR 2.8/21mm, AR 1.8/28mm, AR 1.2/57mm, AR 6.3/300mm Fluorite and AR 5.6/400mm − you name it. Others remain relatively cheap while performing impeccably. The AR 3.5/28mm comes to my mind, the AR 1.7/50mm of course, but also the AR 2.8/100mm and both the AR 2.5/135mm as well as the AR 3.2/135mm.

More information about all these lenses can be found via the links below. Enjoy!