The Konica AR 4/35-70 mm was the successor to the earlier (and much bigger) AR 3.5/35-70 mm. Its optical construction closely resembles the Minolta MD 35/35-70 mm which was one of the best selling 35-70mm lenses of its time. The AR 4/35-70mm however was sold only for a short time in the eraly 1980s, and soon replaced by the even lighter Konica AR 3.5-4.5/35-70 mm. 

As with most Konica AR lenses the barrel is well made. Focusing and zoom ring are moving quite smoothly (though not as smooth as the Minolta), but the aperture ring is much too small - and, of course, it easily locks in the AE position ... Due to the obvious similarities between the optical designs of the Minolta MD and the Konica AR design, one might speculate about some patent infringement by Konica (remember: the lens was produced only a short time).

It's performance is very similar to that of the previous AR 3.5/35-70mm: Quite OK at f=35mm, and less-than-stellar at f=70mm (tested at infinity using 24 MP FF), and at f=70mm certainly inferior rto the  Minolta MD 3.5/35-70mm Macro.


Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf4 section Konica Hexanon AR 35-70mmf4 pic MKONICA HEXANON 35-70mm 1:4
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