Like most other manufacturers around 1980, Konica had its "pancake" lens as well. Unlike the other pankace constructions (which usually were 45 mm or even 50mm lenses), the Konica had a focal length of a mere 40 mm, and it was faster than most of the others (f 1.8 instead of f2 or f2.8).

The Konica AR 1.8/40 mm has a unique optical construction reminding of the Zeiss 2.8/80mm for the Hasselblad. This construction allows a faster and wider lens than the four lens Tessars (Nikkor Ai-P 2.8/45mm and Zeiss CY 2.8/45mm) or the six lens Planars (Minolta MD 2/45mm, Nikon AiS 1.8/50mm, Olympus Zuiko 2/40mm) commonly used for pancakes back then.

The Konica AR 1.8/40 mm is a well made lens which performs as well as the more common 1.7/50 mm lenses. Due to its larger angle of view and its good performance, it is slightly more expensive than most 1.7/50mm and 1.8/50mm lenses - usually in the CHF/EUR/USD 20.-- to 40.-- range. The lens can often be found together with a Konica TC body, and it certainly is worth getting.


Konica Hexanon AR 40mmf18 section Konica Hexanon AR 40mmf18 pic KONICA HEXANON 100mm 1:2.8                 
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