artaphot TopconOverview DSC02634


A few cameras and lenses from the Topcon RE system.First, on the very left, an early RE Super with the huge RE Auto-Topcor 1.4/5.8 cm, followed by a later version with an 1.8/5.8 cm RE Topcor. In the back row there's a Super D (1972) with winder and a special prism finder allowing aperture control through the viewfinder. Finally we have a black RE Super, equipped with a black RE Topcor 1.8/58mm.

In front of the cameras we see the waist level finder and a high-magnification finder, on the right side (back row) there are the Auto Topcor RE lenses 2.8/28mm, 2.8/100mm, 3.5/135mm, 5.6/200mm, and 4.7/87-205mm. Middle row: 4/20mm, 2.8/10cm, and 3.5/58mm Macro. In front of the 3.5/58mm Macro the rare 3.5/30mm Macro for bellows.