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THe different Konica Autoreflex T cameras, like the Minolta SR-T series, are true classics. Here the original Autoreflex T (left, back), the Konica T" (middle), the Konica T3 (left, front) and the Konica T3 (New) with its differing body style and the fully integrated hot shoe.



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Konica Autoreflex T, T3 and T4 with Hexanon AR 4/21mm and 1.4/50mm lenses. On the right side a few fast Hexanons, among them the 1.8/28mm, the 2/35mm, the 1.8/85mm and the 2.5/135mm. The larger lenses on the very right are the 3.5/200mm, the 4.5/300mm, the varifocal 2.8/35-100mm and the 3.5/80-200mm.